Treasures for Teachers Invest in Our Kids’ Education

Tempe Based Donation Center has Arizona’s Kids at the Center of Its Focus

We all agree that giving is good for every one of us, but the latest survey has reported that the teachers of the schools of U.S. have to spend from $500 to $1000 from their salaries to get stuff for the kids in their class who cannot afford to buy them. Since every teacher wants the kids of her class to learn effectively and the options to learn and seek new paths for all the students should be equal. It is therefore important to help the teachers in this difficulty.

What is the treasure for teachers?

This idea came to Barbara Blalock, Founder & Executive Director at Treasures for Teachers. Barbara was once visiting a school when she found how a teacher has to spend her own money to facilitate the kids. This is when she decided to help the teachers and came up Treasures for Teachers.

How does it work?

Treasures for Teachers is like a dream come true for all the teachers of Tempe, Arizona.

It is a store, a really big store, where the teachers can find a lot of items for the kids. Each teacher, who is a member of treasures for teachers can get some things either free of cost or at a very low price at this store. The things are available in bulk so anyone can get any amount of the stuff they require. The teachers are very happy to be members of the program and are enjoying the perks of having the membership.

How can you help with the program?

Treasures for Teachers is the program that welcomes almost everyone to participate in this good deed. If you wish to be a part of this program and want to help the students, you can contact us and donate so we buy the stuff for the store ourselves. Or if you are cleaning the house and you find the stuff that is reusable or recyclable, you can send that to our store or call us so our truck would be there to collect it from you. Anything that you feel would be useful for the kids and is no longer of your interest; we are willing to accept.

Why should I choose the treasures for teachers for donations?

Although you can send the donations anywhere you want to; if you choose treasures for teachers, you are going to choose the education above everything else. Educating the children is the best form of charity work you can do like this way the lights will continue to sparkle from one candle to another.

Our service is three ways!

So if you have decided to be a part of us, you can become a member and the get the stuff from our store, contact us online and get the supplies or tell us and our service on wheels would be there at your doorstep to deliver you the supplies.

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