Goettl saves its ship by putting people first

Goetti Air has been a staple business in Phoenix since the 40s. They invented the evaporative cooler. In the 21st century, Goetti makes most of its revenue through the sale and service of HVAC and heating units.

Like any family owned business, they’re usually only as good as their commitment to customer satisfaction – which powers repeat business and referrals. This resilient dedication to service is how the brothers, Gust and Adam Goetti operated the company when they started it so many years ago. These traditional values were part of the formula to Goetti’s early success.

However, Gust and Adam eventually sold the business. And that was that.

The business changed its owners several times over. Eventually it was owned by an out-of-state company and was operated mostly from a phone room located out-of-state. It wasn’t long until the strong name Goetti had built, with hard work and great service, no longer resembled this. In fact, it was becoming known for the opposite: poor and questionable business practices, sales which over promised and undelivered, and shoddy customer service. The issues were so bad that the Attorney General had to step in to police dealings between Goetti and its customers. All these issues affected the earning potential and ultimately lead to Goetti reporting losses.

Goetti was in need of a savior.

jphoenix award goettlNew owner of Goetti Air, Ken Goodrich, makes a profession of buying failing businesses and turning them around. He’s done it time and time again. So many times that Ken should be the author of several top selling books on the subject. But this time — back in 2012 — Ken had his work cut out for him.

Keys to the turnaround with Ken Goodrich

Goetti did not focus on making money rather on customer-first strategy. He trained his employees by holding daily meetings with them to deliver the customers’ needs. Another improvement, employees are provided with continuous technical training and given safety awareness and personal protective equipment as well to ensure their safety. Through this safety cautions, the technicians feel ready to combat hot Arizona weather conditions and unsafe places.

But it wasn’t just improving and educating the staff. It was also about investing in the people of Phoenix.

One example of putting customers first: Goetti had a free unit and duct installed in Chandler for an elderly lady who had been living life with an evaporative cooler for the last two decades. By paying it forward, putting people before the almighty dollar, Goetti was well on its way to returning to its roots and becoming an asset to Arizona instead of a liability.

Now, reviews like this have rolled in about the Goett’s staff:

“Goetti’s technicians always go for perfection and provide the clients with best and most reliable services. They are efficient in their work and as Goetti believes in doing what is right, not what is easy, its technicians deliver as per company’s slogan.”

“Goetti’s employees are patient in not only solving the customer’s problem but also in listening and providing them with the best of their knowledge.”

Way to go Ken, we salute you!

Goetti offers plumbing and HVAC services throughout Phoenix, Tuscon, Las Vegas and Southern California Areas. The “Sunny plumber Services” which is the sister company of Goetti air conditioning company also received the “best of the best award” along with its sister company. It provides best plumbing services including drain cleaning, leak detection, sewer line and garbage disposal repair.

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