Best Family Owned Places to Eat When Visiting Phoenix

4 Great Places You Must Eat

within 20 minutes from the Airport

1. Pizzeria Bianco

It all started with a vision Chris Bianco had to create delicious and mouth-watering pizza, and he did just that. But he never thought when he opened up for business inside the local grocery store that he would turn into a world-famous pizza joint. People travel from all over to enjoy Chris’ top notch pies.

Chris owns four similar restaurants:

  • Pizzeria Bianco: Downtown Phoenix
  • Pane Bianco: Downtown Phoenix
  • Pizzeria Bianco: Central Phoenix
  • Tratto: Central Phoenix

Now, Tratto is full Italian without pizza. So if you love Italian, but aren’t so crazy about Pizza give this place a visit.

2. Oregano’s

best local restaurant visit While Oregano’s is Phoenix’s franchised Italian joint, it didn’t start out that way.  From small beginnings, during the depression in Chicago, there was an Italian restaurant called Mama’s. Mama’s was eventually sold, but the son of “Mama”, Lawrence Gibbilini, worked side by side with his mother, picking up all the tricks of the trade. So when Mama’s was sold, Lawrence went to work as a bricklayer like his father. However, on the weekends he would cook up a large meal for friends and family. He later became known as “Lawrence of Oregano”. This was the inspiration for Oregano’s when it opened up in Old Town Scottsdale in the early 90s.   Today Oregano’s has 19 locations throughout Arizona. While they have a bit of a franchise feel, you can still order a homemade lasagna that takes about a half hour to make and taste just like mama made it.

3. Chompies

best family place to eatIn 1979 the Borenstein’s relocated from Queen’s New York right here in the Valley of the Sun. The same year they opened the first Chompies. Bringing all the great sandwich and bagel recipes that had been passed down through their family they created a go-to place for fresh baked New York style breads. Whether you’re in the mood for an authentic knish, bagel with liver or just looking for some great breakfast with a bloody marry, you’ll be at home at any one of the five locations throughout the valley.


4. Casa A Reynoso

Welcome to authentic Mexian cuisine, starting with a small mining town, Miami-Globe, about an hour east of Phoenix. The Renyoso family owns several Mexican restaurants which they use their family recipes to serve up their famous enchilada sauce, green chili, maachaca, but our favorite is the Gollo burro served enchilada style. You can find one as close as Tempe off of Mill and Southern. There’s also one in Mesa, off of Higley and Southern.

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