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Local Businesses Paying It Forward

Treasures for Teachers Invest in Our Kids’ Education

Tempe Based Donation Center has Arizona’s Kids at the Center of Its Focus We all agree that giving is good for every one of us, but the latest survey has reported that the teachers of the schools of U.S. have to spend from $500 to $1000 from their salaries to get stuff for the kids Read more about Treasures for Teachers Invest in Our Kids’ Education[…]

Giving is good for business

Giving is Good for Business

Businesses have an Obligation to Give Back to the Communities that Support It – Benefits are Endless. When we, on a personal level, give something to help someone else we are rewarded by knowing we benefited someone else. Sparing our time for charity work or donating money makes us feel good and on the other Read more about Giving is Good for Business[…]

flower in phx

Arizona Flower Company Giving Away Their Inventory

It’s always better to give (flowers) than to receive

Arizona Flower Market is empowering the approach of paying it forward by gifting two free bushels of flowers away today. These free blossoms are being given away in festivity of Petal it Forward, a well-known event in the floral industry.

This event is celebrated locally throughout Phoenix floral shops but also across the entire U.S. It was created by the Society of American Florists (SAF). While the average person wouldn’t have any idea what Petal it Forward is, flower vendors everywhere throughout the nation are amped up for sharing the vibe great recommendation of giving no-strings-attached blooms away by the bushel. […]

family owned phoenix restaurant

Best Family Owned Places to Eat When Visiting Phoenix

4 Great Places You Must Eat

within 20 minutes from the Airport

1. Pizzeria Bianco

It all started with a vision Chris Bianco had to create delicious and mouth-watering pizza, and he did just that. But he never thought when he opened up for business inside the local grocery store that he would turn into a world-famous pizza joint. People travel from all over to enjoy Chris’ top notch pies.

Chris owns four similar restaurants:

  • Pizzeria Bianco: Downtown Phoenix
  • Pane Bianco: Downtown Phoenix
  • Pizzeria Bianco: Central Phoenix
  • Tratto: Central Phoenix

Now, Tratto is full Italian without pizza. So if you love Italian, but aren’t so crazy about Pizza give this place a visit.


keep arizona beautiful

AZ Junk Removal Takes Pride in Keeping Arizona Beautiful

Landfills are seeing less garbage and recycling plants are reaping the benefits due cleanup companies like AZ Junk Removal. Phoenix has been undergoing an initiative for over five years, spending millions of dollars each year to Keep Arizona Beautiful. Many large corporations and even small mom-and-pop companies have joined the movement to make it such a success.

AZ Junk Removal has been selected as our top service company for the month of May because of their active approach to making a difference. Sure — we get it — they get paid to pick up junk because people illegally dump in commercial locations or neighborhoods, but that’s not why we selected them.

Picking up items from an illegal dumping in a Mesa apartment complex.

Last month they were on-site at a customer’s home for a regular junk pickup. The customer had no idea AZ Junk recycled and donated unwanted belongs; He just called them because they were first on the web under hauling and junk removal services. But as he was watching them load up his unwanted items from his garage he noticed they were putting all the metal items and appliances to the side of the truck while they were tossing everything else into the truck. When he asked why, they explained they would be unloading the recyclables off first, and therefore they would be loading them last.

Another service they offer is Bagster pickup. Bagsters are heavy duty bags you can purchase from Home Depot or Lowes, take them home and fill them up, then call Waste Management to schedule a time for them to pick it up. However, there are limitations to their pickups; this opens the door for AZ Junk to step in and offer to pick up the bags while sorting recyclables and donatable items, avoiding unnecessary items ending up in the landfill.

In a day in age when everyone is so quick to throw everything in the bulk trash pickup pile or haul it all the landfill, AZ Junk has done it right for over 10 years. […]

Goettl saves its ship by putting people first

Goetti Air has been a staple business in Phoenix since the 40s. They invented the evaporative cooler. In the 21st century, Goetti makes most of its revenue through the sale and service of HVAC and heating units. Like any family owned business, they’re usually only as good as their commitment to customer satisfaction – which Read more about Goettl saves its ship by putting people first[…]